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~20,000 Users

Founded in 2008

#1 Award-Winning CRM Mobile Solution

Satuit Technologies, Inc. is the premier provider of CRM, client reporting, and portal software solutions for buy-side asset management, institutional, hedge fund, wealth management, private equity, and real estate markets. Satuit Technologies software provides support for sales, lead management, client service and retention, compliance, and client reporting. The firm has over 20 years of experience providing clients across the globe with CRM and reporting solutions.

CRM for Capital Markets

Today’s complex global markets are comprised of intricate transactions requiring active relationship management. The process of identifying the right buyers at the right time, and growing relationships to build a consistent flow of promising opportunities can be made easier with the right tools delivering actionable intelligence with speed and accuracy. Tier1 provides a secure CRM platform with built-in configurability and flexibility to accommodate the varied, complex strategies necessary to track transactions and close deals for Investment Banking, Advisory, Boutique Firms, and the Private Markets.

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