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Tier1 Financial Solutions Acquires Satuit Technologies

The acquisition underscores Tier1’s continued commitment to the digitalization of the entire client relationship workflow for Capital Markets, Investment Banking and Investment Management.

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Redefining the “R”
in CRM

Capital Markets & Investment Banking CRM offers best-in-class capabilities and innovations to support ever-changing relationship needs. So, what does the “R” in CRM really stand for? Relationships? Revenue? Risk?

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20+ Countries

Benefit from Industry-Leading Relationship Management Capabilities

Accelerate relationships and revenue with Tier1’s modular CRM built specifically for capital markets and investment banking. Implement quickly to instantly leverage data-driven insights for optimal client engagement.

Tier1 Financial Solutions CRM

Transform your business processes with one digital solution

  • Track
    Clients, deals, emails, data, pipelines, progress, tasks
  • Communicate
    Engage the right people, build lasting relationships
  • Mobile
    Stay connected anywhere, any time
  • Data Security
    Industry-specific, battle tested security
  • Shared Access
    Collaborate easily, 360 client view
  • Integrate
    Connect to the apps you already use daily
  • Automate
    Save time and effort
  • Analytics
    Receive actionable insights and drive revenue

World-Class Technology.
Unparalleled Interoperability & Integrations.

Sync data across multiple platforms through Tier1’s expansive partner network, enabling you to eliminate redundant data entry and gain exceptional insights from our best-in-class technology suite.

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