Collaborate on and Facilitate the Right Connections

Buy-side relationship dynamics are shifting due to an increased need for improved workflows, compliance with ever changing regulation, and the need to optimize overall efficiency. Focused on capturing strategic opportunities amidst cost pressures, the buy side demands greater control over their client relationship management as well as their interactions with industry players. With Tier1’s recent acquisition of Satuit, a global leader in asset management CRM software solutions, buy side firms can now take advantage of a full suite of sophisticated tools across all elements of relationship management and corporate access.


Tier1 delivers the tools, connectivity, and workflows to empower collaboration, transparency, and communications, eliminating the most common inefficiencies associated with corporate access, event management and client engagement. Our solution streamlines corporate access workflows to improve connectivity and the ability to consume events from the Street. Our system matches the right investment professionals and portfolio managers to the right events and tracks all activity for analysis
and compliance.


With Outlook integration, real-time Exchange Server integration and configurable dashboards, Tier1 improves the ability to collaborate more efficiently with sell-side partners, keeping everyone’s calendar up to date. Augmenting the Salesforce infrastructure, we provide a fast, secure and configurable platform. Our buy-side CRM capabilities serve the needs of investment managers today.


Consume + Originate Corporate Access

Tier1 streamlines your event management workflow with the sell side, improving overall event efficiencies to better prepare your forward-looking calendar. Address the common challenges associated with increased buy-side regulatory requirements.


Track All

Control configuration and access settings for greater transparency across desks, ensuring critical team members are always in the loop. Retain greater control over which partners can see event interests. Leverage an encryption model over every interaction, so you can be confident your calendar is secure.


Reporting + Dashboard Views

Enable users to standardize their data for more accurate interactions reporting. Work in Tier1 for Outlook to sync events and interactions into a centralized view, resulting in increased transparency across teams.

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