Alessa is a solution designed to help organizations enhance their compliance to internal controls and regulations or prevent financial crimes like fraud. By integrating with existing corporate finance systems or business core systems, Alessa monitors an organization’s transaction data and using rules and advanced analytics, detects high-risk transactions that require investigation. Once reviewed, flagged transactions can be blocked, assigned to other team members, or approved.

Organizations that use Alessa’s transaction monitoring capabilities include:

  • Corporations to ensure compliance to internal controls for social and corporate governance
  • Banks, money services businesses (MSBs), credit unions and other financial institutions to review wire transfers and other financial transactions to detect transactions above a certain threshold or suspicious transactions for compliance to anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing (CTF) regulations
  • Casinos and other gaming and gambling companies to review winnings and other financial transactions by patrons to meet AML/CTF obligations
  • Insurance providers to process claims, detect potential fraud and protect from revenue losses.


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