Why aren’t you using your CRM?

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We speak with many investment professionals who share their frustrations with their current CRM solution.  They are frustrated because their CRM does not deliver the promised productivity. When pressed, they will admit they barely use the tool. Their CRM supports their management needs, but not the end-user. Sadly, the more money that was spent on the project, the lower the satisfaction of the users.

We believe your CRM should be a pleasure to use, not a burden.

We are excited when our users tell us SatuitCRM is the first or second application they open in the morning (right after email). Our company has always focused on investment management professionals. Many on our team worked in the industry. SatuitCRM is easy to use because it works the way you work. It gives you maximum control over what you care about.

SatuitCRM users can design their own personal Home Page with our drag and drop UX tools; Adding charts, lists, menu shortcuts, and reminders. Your contacts easily roll up to entities that roll up to relationships. Because our CRM meets the users’ needs, they are more likely to use it. That means better, more useful data – the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. Activities can be viewed at the contact, branch, and group level. Our 2-way Outlook synchronization means that emails and meetings are never lost. Even attachments are easy to find without having to remember which email they were attached to. Add up to 99 emails and attachments with a single click.

When we created SatuitCRM we set out to build a tool for an industry we know well. We understood the specific challenges of that industry. Our knowledge is the basis of a CRM tool that can be quickly configured for your team. Changing CRM is a challenge, but it is not as big a challenge as you think if you choose the “CRM built for asset managers.”