Top 5 Reasons SatuitSIP is the best Investor Portal Solution for Asset Managers

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Person looking at dashboard charts data

Secure – Investors can access important documents, reports, and their information anytime, anywhere on any device.

Easy to Configure – Create custom Views by Investor Type or by Project. Configure templates for Advisors, Individual Investors, Institutional Investors, and 3rd parties. Create Project pages for Audits and Due Diligence.

No Consultants Needed – After a few training sessions with our in-house client success team, picking up the portal is a breeze. Use our import tools to bring in account and performance data.

Save Time – Streamline account openings, closings, updates, and fund transfers utilizing and manage signatures with our DocuSign Integration.

Not just for your Investors – Through the use of Landing Pages, you can customize what a person sees when they log in to the portal. This allows you to create multiple landing pages based on specific clients, prospects, or even internal projects.