Hedge Funds

Enhance capital raising with our easy to customize opportunity management module and support your investor relations team with investor dashboards, activity tracking, and integrated marketing tools. 

Enhance capital and support your investor relations team.

Investor Pipeline

Support your investor relations team with investor dashboards, activity tracking, and integrated marketing tools. Track all activities at the contact and entity level and import historical investor account information from your portfolio management system. SatuitCRM lets you capture all documents in a central repository.

Investor Group Calls

SatuitCRM easily manages group conference calls and meetings, allowing you to create a group activity and invite contacts from multiple companies. Send meeting confirmations and follow-up emails to all participants with just a single click.

Investor Relations

SatuitCRM allows you to track complex relationships with investors and their advisors. Investor activities are tracked in one location (rather than scattered around under different tabs) making it easy to see and summarize your interactions with investors and prospective investors.

An intuitive front and middle office solution that drives improved efficiency, compliance, and results of sales, client service, and client reporting teams.

Satuit Email Templates

Send "templated" messages and bulk mailings to an individual or a group of contacts. You can edit a template on the fly, personalize signatures, and watermark an attachment. Email templates can include any field from your CRM contact, account, business, and opportunities forms.

Integrated with Outlook & Gmail

Email templates are built on Outlook or Gmail and are included with our software. Satuit integrates your contacts and activities with Outlook and Gmail allowing you to add inbound and outbound emails with a single click.

Investor Portal

In addition to our robust CRM offering, we provide an optional fully integrated investor portal and investor report management. With these, you can create, organize, customize, collate, and distribute monthly, quarterly, and annual investor reporting packages using the familiar interface of SatuitCRM.

Introducing the Satuit Platform. CRM and Investor Portal Solutions Custom Built for You.

CRM contact detail view on desktop and secure investor portal mobile view
Manage your investor pipeline
Manage investor communications
Easily organize and track group conference calls
Integrate contacts and activities with Outlook© and Gmail©
Add inbound and outbound emails with a single click
Automatically watermark attachments to emails
Capture all documents in a central repository
Manage the contract and legal workflow
Satuit2GO® lets your team access their data from a mobile phone

Integration Partners

We are proud to work with innovative organizations and institutions from financial services to academia and beyond.

SatuitSDX® | Secure Data Exchange

Today there are countless opportunities to leverage software integrations and gain increased efficiency, competitive advantages, lowered operating costs and more. SatuitSDX includes a mix of end-user,

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Strategy for CRM Success

While it may be tempting, delegating the responsibilities of CRM selection, implementation, and ongoing support to IT has its shortcomings. Technology is only one piece of the puzzle; Asset Management firms need a strategy that fully supports the initiatives of the sales, marketing, client retention, and management teams.

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Focused exclusively on the Investment and Asset Management industry, Satuit’s CRM, portal, and reporting software offer a complete front-office solution delivered at a fixed price to drive improved efficiency, compliance, and results of the sales, client service, and client reporting teams. Our implementation includes software, support, configuration services, and training that can typically be completed in less than half the time of other vendors, allowing an immediate return on your investment.

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