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Why Do CRM Projects Fail (And How to Fix It)

Sadly, companies don’t learn from their mistakes. In 2014 Success Accelerators and C5 Insight found that over one-third of CRM projects were still failing and that some companies had experienced 2 or 3 successive failures. So, how do you avoid these failures?

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Why aren’t you using your CRM?

We speak with many investment professionals who share their frustrations with their current CRM solution. Often the incumbent is a big-name provider (hint: “the Force is with you”). They are frustrated because their CRM does not deliver the promised productivity.

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Investor CSE | Convenience, Simplicity, Easy Access

Most investors seek convenience, simplicity, and easy access (CSE). For traditional financial assets, CSE means daily, weekly, or monthly electronic updates on their investment market values, losses/gains. It means not having to make phone calls to get forms.

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Are You still Emailing Statements to Investors?

281.1 billion emails are sent every day. That is nearly 38 emails for every person on the planet. More than half of them are spam and some contain malware. Email is the least efficient way to inform investors about new products or about changes at your firm.

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