Do you have an outreach campaign to drive investor engagement?

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“Build it, and they will come…”
– Bill Durham/Field of Dreams

Has your company implemented an investor portal only to find out that your investors don’t log in? Is a “failure to launch” proof that investors are not interested in using a portal? Does the lack of investor engagement support your management resisters (“our investors aren’t asking for a portal”)?

Or does it mean you should rethink what investors want and what level of effort it will take to drive investor engagement? If you think your portal is just a faster, cheaper way to deliver statements, think again. Your investor portal should be a key element in your investor communications.

As developers of software for investment managers, Satuit knows user engagement is the top priority. Similarly, when your firm provides a portal for investors, you are entering the software space where user engagement is not merely a “nice to have.” User engagement is the only metric of the success of your portal. If your investors are not using your portal, you should be asking, “why not?” and “what can I do about it?”.

How do you know if your investors are engaged?

Do you have an easy way to monitor investor usage (or “non” usage)?
Do you have an education program (with videos) to help your investors?
Do you have an outreach campaign to drive investor engagement?
Do you seek feedback on the portal experience from your investors?

Satuit Technologies’ experience as a leading CRM solution for asset management professionals makes us keenly aware of the user experience. Our best-of-breed portal (SatuitSIP) integrates with any data or document source. Our Portal Score tracks investor engagement (similar to the tracking you will find in marketing automation tools). Integrated email templates make it easy to reach out to investors with custom messages, and the portal design toolkit allows you to create custom portal versions for different types of investors.