Are You still Emailing Statements to Investors?

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Close up of hands typing on a keyboard with floating mail icons

281.1 billion emails are sent every day. That is nearly 38 emails for every person on the planet. More than half of them are spam and some contain malware.

Email is the least efficient way to inform investors about new products or about changes at your firm – 80% or more of email marketing ends up in junk mail and is never seen by your investors. Reach your investors where they reach you – on your secure investor portal.

Email should not be considered an appropriate tool for sending client statements or personally identifiable information. Well-intentioned people make mistakes every day by sending emails with attachments or sensitive data to the wrong person.

When you deliver presentations, reports, invoices, and key communications via the Satuit Secure Investor portal, you provide your investor with a secure login, supported by two-factor authentication. You can set up your reports to be automatically collated so that you do not have to worry about errors caused by mistakes. And your important communications are not stuck in junk mail.

Your Data and Documents are Secure: Your Satuit portal administrator(s) will have the tools to manage two-factor authentication, password rules for investors, set up automatic notifications of password updates, and decide the type of authentication. Your administrator can also monitor log-in attempts and downloads.