6 ways Satuit helps you eliminate CRM clicks

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Frustrated with too many clicks to find what you are looking for in your CRM? Is it a challenge to do simple tasks like making a call, sending an email, or adding a follow-up reminder?

Can you add a day’s worth of emails in one go, or get a list of client accounts with a single click, or check on your pipeline without searching? Do you dread the time you have to spend on management reports because your data has gone into a black hole?

Maybe it’s time to consider a CRM built for the asset management industry. SatuitCRM simplifies your day-to-day tasks so that you can spend more time developing relationships. We can do this because we have never tried to be all things to all people. Our CRM was created for relationship management and institutional sales. How does SatuitCRM deliver on the (often broken) promise of CRM?

Click to View

Roll up Opportunities, Activities, Documents, and Accounts by contact, entity, or group with one click.

Click to Dial

Automate outbound calling for sales and investor relations teams. Clicking also opens an existing activity associated or creates a new task.

Click to Archive

Contacts move around – one click to archive a contact and remove them from mail lists.

Click to Mail

No need to leave CRM – send an email directly from SatuitCRM and save automatically in CRM.

Simple Management Reporting

Tired of exporting data to excel sheets then creating visually appealing graphs for management? SatuitCRM comes out of the box with prebuilt management reports. Simply click to generate the report and download in one of four different file types (pdf, word, XML, Excel)

Outlook Integration

Select emails you want to add, and simply hit the “Add to Satuit” button to push all emails into the CRM. Contact, CC’s and business links are sorted automatically. Attachments are organized in the document repository.