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Accelerate time to value with Tier1’s preconfigured solutions

Accelerate time to value with Tier1’s preconfigured solutions

See a reduction in deployment time by up to 75% 

Whether your firm is a dynamic mid-market upstart or a multi-national financial enterprise, leveraging software and investment tools need to be as timely and seamless as possible. Over the last twelve months, Tier1 has made a significant investment into how our products are deployed and preconfigured, with the single purpose of reducing the time between purchase and delivery.

Tier1’s core application and use cases are ready to go live in as few as six weeks for small to mid-size clients. Enterprise users see reductions in engagement times by over eight weeks. Ultimately, every Tier1 user now has access to the same secure, flexible and compliance-ready application, backed by the power of Salesforce’s platform.

With the ability to get up and running quickly, users have access to the same product, with a dramatic reduction in the base configuration time.

  • Increase time to value and get up and running in as little as six weeks
  • Reduce overall deployment times by up to 75% 
  • Enhance adoption rates with a partner that has a proven track record of success
  • Leverage Tier1’s ten years of experience in capital markets workflows and implementations

For more than a decade, Tier1 has deployed technology work to dozens of top 10, large, and mid-market banks. After years of battle-tested deployments, we have dramatically reduced our deployment times and now provide a Tier1 preconfigured solution for markets and banking professionals.

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*Please note these are estimates. Deployment times are dependent on no additional customization or configuration work.

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