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Maximize your firm’s client base with Tier1’s Prime Brokerage solution

Maximize your firm’s client base with Tier1’s Prime Brokerage solution

Tier1 provides solutions for Prime Brokerage teams looking to leverage firm relationships and expand hedge fund services.  

In an ever-evolving landscape, it is crucial to extend your footprint with a current client as well as prospect for new clients to serve. Providing a white-glove approach to service starts with a technology solution that enables prime brokers to forecast better and prospect smarter, not harder. 

By utilizing Tier1, teams can capitalize on existing relationships across the firm and tap into institutional knowledge. Prime Brokerage desks can forecast a client’s potential needs better and offer value-added capabilities to increase client retention and satisfaction for the firm. 

Tier1’s solutions support prime brokerage client services through efficient and optimized workflows. Firms who implement Tier1 across all their lines of business see:  

  • An uptick in cross-sell opportunities   
  • Strengthened priority relationships 
  • Consistent data across the entire firm
  • Transparent view into a client’s profile

Learn how Tier1 seamlessly integrates with current workflows and in-house systems across the prime brokerage desk. With a rapid implementation model, Prime Brokerage firms can get up and running quickly. Learn more, and download Tier1’s Prime Brokerage fact sheet on the right.

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