The Buy Side’s Increasing Role in Corporate Access

For decades, the buy side relied heavily on the sell side for a variety of value-add services like corporate access. However, as a result of recent regulatory shifts and a greater emphasis on technology adoption among asset managers, this trend is evolving. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Liz Hoffman and Geoffrey Rogow detailed… Read more

Modularity: The Way Forward

Gone are the days when single software vendors sold to clients monolithic systems that do a little of everything but nothing really well – modularity is now the way forward. Clients across industries are demanding more functionality, more flexibility, and even more of a consistent user experience. This is especially prevalent in the financial services… Read more

The Defining Factor In The Evolving Buy-side and Sell-side Landscape

During the “Future of buy-side and sell-side engagement” panel discussion we held last week in midtown Manhattan, RBC’s Global Head of Client Insight, Banking and Technology Kim Prado stated that buying fintech solutions should be the preferred method for any firm because “it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel.”  An article from Traders Magazine describes… Read more

Digital Transformation of Buy-side and Sell-side Engagement

Global regulations, namely MiFID II has done much more than increase the value of compliance professionals and constrain the availability of a bank’s balance sheet. It’s changing the way the industry communicates and with it the fundamental nature of the relationships – starting with digital transformation. A growing need to create more efficient and timely… Read more