The Pivotal Role of an Institutional Sales CRM

Professionals in institutional sales have always had to digest an array of information, from trading concepts to client data. The challenge has been finding the most efficient way to harness that information and use it to their advantage. In this Q&A, Tier1’s Account Manager Brian Bock, a former institutional equity salesperson at Deutsche Bank, provides his firsthand capital markets experience about how salespeople can address this issue by employing the proper CRM tools.

Going Direct: The Evolution of Buy Side Corporate Access Practices

Corporate access used to be a three-way deal. Maybe it was an epiphany, or, more likely, it had something to do with MiFID II, but buy side corporate access practices are changing. Now, they are taking more control and going direct to the corporates. For as long as anyone can remember, brokerage firms and investment… Read more

The Buy Side’s Increasing Role in Corporate Access

For decades, the buy side relied heavily on the sell side for a variety of value-add services like corporate access. However, as a result of recent regulatory shifts and a greater emphasis on technology adoption among asset managers, this trend is evolving. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Liz Hoffman and Geoffrey Rogow detailed… Read more

Welcome. Meet Our Fresh, New Look.

What’s in a brand? To me, the brand is the DNA of an organization. It’s the essence. A harmonious logo, a simple yet profound corporate message, and the intricacies that comprise a well-orchestrated brand can elicit feelings of both security and optimism that resonate across an industry. That’s what we set out to do when… Read more