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Unintended Consequences: Shrinking Sell-Side Research

As part of the domino effect spawned from MiFID II, sell side research is losing customers and, as a result, reducing coverage. The sweeping European regulation has created more transparency for shareholders and investors and, through unbundling, has provided greater detail protecting the retail client. However, its effect on how research is consumed and delivered… Read more

Banking Mobility: From Luxury to Necessity

Digital transformation is no longer confined to the terminals and desks of markets and banking professionals; access to banking mobility is now an integral part of the daily commute. A mobile-first mindset is perhaps more critical for an investment banker than any other profession in finance as they rely on the expectation of working from… Read more

The Buy-Side’s Drive for Technology Growth

Investment professionals are always thinking of ways to improve performance and efficiency. While these are pivotal to measure success and technology growth, the digital transformation that is occurring across the capital markets landscape is evolving rapidly, and must not be ignored. The impacts that these changes are fostering can be immensely beneficial if they are properly addressed but could prove problematic if overlooked.

3 Key Elements of Product Strategy

As much as product management is about getting things done, there is a mindset shift taking place toward empowering product managers to think more strategically. Product managers drive the conversation about disrupting standard business practices, working toward improving the past, preparing for the present, and building for the future. In this blog, I discuss the… Read more

Unintended Consequences: Conflicting Regulations, SEC and MiFID II Requirements

The recent response from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding MiFID II requirements has put the buy side in an increasingly decisive position as they work to comply with the terms. The changes, however, come with unintended consequences. The SEC recently gave Wall Street firms an extension to comply with European regulations, moving… Read more

The Pivotal Role of an Institutional Sales CRM

Professionals in institutional sales have always had to digest an array of information, from trading concepts to client data. The challenge has been finding the most efficient way to harness that information and use it to their advantage. Brian Bock, Tier1 Account Manager and former institutional equities salesperson at Deutsche Bank, sat down for a Q&A to… Read more

Going Direct: The Evolution of Buy Side Corporate Access Practices

Corporate access used to be a three-way deal. Maybe it was an epiphany, or, more likely, it had something to do with MiFID II, but buy side corporate access practices are changing. Now, they are taking more control and going direct to the corporates. For as long as anyone can remember, brokerage firms and investment… Read more

The Buy Side’s Increasing Role in Corporate Access

For decades, the buy side relied heavily on the sell side for a variety of value-add services like corporate access. However, as a result of recent regulatory shifts and a greater emphasis on technology adoption among asset managers, this trend is evolving. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Liz Hoffman and Geoffrey Rogow detailed… Read more